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After the ball is over... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

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HBO/Showtime LAS [Aug. 31st, 2010|09:13 pm]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

ALL ships allowed!

Do You Like To Write?

Like to write? Love any of the shows on the HBO and/or Showtime Networks? Great! There is a new challenge, called hboshowtime_las, where you write a fanfic of at least 100 words every two weeks based on a different prompt. Then they get voted on and the person with the least votes is out that week and the person with the most is safe next week. Till you have one author standing who wins! What do you win? A snazzy graphic and a $10 GC to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You don't even need to be a GREAT writer!

... who will come out on top?
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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2009|04:58 pm]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

[mood |hopefulhopeful]

hello to everyone.

i just got into carnivale. which is really sad because i wish i was watching this when it was on tv originally. oh the sorrow of living without hbo. lol.

i have been searching the interwebs for carnivale fanfic and i have searched this community but i am not finding the pairing i want...i was wondering if anyone could help me out with finding rita sue/jonesy fic?

they are my absolute favorite and they are just so hot together i would love to read some good fic. preferably stuff that is really smutty.

thank you so much!
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"Quiet", Ben Hawkins, PG [Feb. 8th, 2009|12:48 pm]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

Title: Quiet
Author: lindentree
Rating: PG
Character(s): Ben
Word Count: 3,497
Summary: No, Ben was the one who made all the bad noise.
Notes: A little Ben character study.

Click me for fic!
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Ten minutes of your time for my thesis? [Jun. 23rd, 2008|12:49 am]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

Dear fanfic authors,

first of all I’m sorry if OT posting isn’t allowed in this community, but there’s no other way for me to do this; just delete this if it isn’t appropriate.

I’m a fanfic reader and occasional fanfic writer myself, so what did I pick for my thesis in communication sciences? Fan Fiction, of course. I designed a survey to find out more about our writing habits and media use; it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

If you could go here and fill it out, I’d be forever grateful. Of course I’ll publish some of the results at my journal in about a month or two, so you’ll know what happened with your answers.
The survey is completely anonymous; I have no way of finding out who gave which answers.

Please, please help a fellow fan out. It’s only ten minutes for you; it’s a very important part of my work for me.

This has been cross-posted like crazy, and I'm sorry for spamming you guys, I'm just a little desperate, too.
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First Offering - Carnivàle Drabble #1 - Defiant (Sofie, T) [May. 13th, 2008|02:10 am]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

[mood |awakeawake]

Hi, though this comm seems to have slowed quite a bit, I would like to offer up a drabble to this wonderful fandom.

Title: Defiant
Author: ianthe_waiting
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Carnivale and its characters are the property of HBO and the show's producers; no copyright infringement is intended.
Genre: Drabble
Warnings: S.1 spoilers
Summary: #1 – Defiant. She would try to be defiant to the end.
Word Count: 627 words.
Author's Notes: Drabble: a slice of fic in less than 1500 words.

Prompt 1 – Defiant

Read more...Collapse )

This is one of 30 drabbles (of 30 prompts) I am working on. To read more go here. Pairings/rating vary.
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(All Read): A Good Time To Help Carnivale! Call to Action [May. 3rd, 2008|09:40 pm]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

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[mood |Motivated]
[music |Annette Hanshaw]

From CarnivaleHBO yahoo group

To all fans of "Carnivale",

HBO recently appointed Sue Naegle as the new Chief of
Entertainment at the network, replacing Carolyn Strauss. Ms. Naegle
comes to HBO from a background of being an agent who represented
television writers. She has worked with Alan Ball (creator of "Six
Feet Under" and the upcoming HBO vampire series, "True Blood"), as
well as Jenny Bicks ("Sex and the City," "Men in Trees") and Jhoni
Marchinko ("Will & Grace").

As an agent who obviously understands writers and the process, and
who has been reported to be a fan of such genre shows as "Lost"
and "Battlestar Gallactica," it would seem like Ms. Naegle might be
better able appreciate the originality of a show like "Carnivale"
than some of HBO's past executives.

TV Guide reported the following about Ms. Naegle, "For Naegle, not
every show HBO airs has to be as big as The Sopranos to be considered
a success. Above all, she wants shows that are distinct and that
viewers will love. 'If it's a show that reaches a giant audience,
that's wonderful,' she says. 'If it's a show that's really well done
and has a small audience that's really passionate about it, that's
terrific, too.'"

If only that had been the attitude at HBO three years ago...
Which brings us to the point of this message. It would seem that NOW
would be an extremely opportune time to remind HBO that there are
still a LOT of fans of "Carnivale" out here, who are passionate about
the show and dedicated to seeing it finished in some form. Our
fandom continues to grow: in fact, our own CarnivaleHBO yahoogroup's
numbers are now approaching 7000 members, up from around 5000 members
when the show was cancelled. Judging from this forum and HBO's own
official forums, new fans are discovering "Carnivale" every day and
long to see the series properly completed.

To that end, we ask all of the "Carnivale" fans out there to do
the following. Please write a letter (or a couple of letters!) to
Ms. Sue Naegle, congratulating her on her new position at HBO, and
reminding her how much you would like to see a continuation
of "Carnivale". We would like to try to have our letters coordinated
to arrive around the 3rd anniversary of "Carnivale's" cancellation on
May 11th. So it would be best to start sending our letters now, and
continue sending them through most of the month of May.

Please remember: BE POLITE, BE CONCISE, and BE POSITIVE. And
definitely bear in mind that Ms. Naegle had absolutely NOTHING to do
with "Carnivale's" cancellation, but may have EVERYTHING to do with
possibly bringing it back. First impressions are VERY important, so
we want ours to be great!

Chris Albrecht already tried to paint the "Carnivale" fans as a
bunch of zealots. Let's show Ms. Naegle, who is reputed to be a very
nice person, that we are an enthusiastic yet thoughtful fandom.
Simply make your case for why you would like to see "Carnivale"
continue, in whatever form may be possible -- whether it's movie(s),
mini-series, a third season, or even in graphic novel
form. "Carnivale" has great potential as a franchise and is a genre
show unlike any HBO had before (though "True Blood" may also nudge
HBO even closer to genre fans). Let's show her fandom's most positive
and supportive face!


Sue Naegle - President HBO Entertainment
HBO Entertainment
2500 Broadway, Ste. 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404

If you would also like to follow up your letter with an email to
the network, their email address is: HBO@HBO.com

This is a grassroots effort and, as such, we're not looking to
send a lot of "cookie-cutter" form letters or rely on any kind of
gimmicks. The time for that approach has probably passed. Instead,
let us send LOADS of letters, in different kinds of envelopes, on
different kinds of stationery, filled with everyone's own personal
heartfelt thoughts on "Carnivale". Just imagine if every one of our
nearly 7000 members sent just two letters to HBO in the next two
weeks. They would get nearly 14,000 letters all at once! THAT'S the
kind of thing that could make an impression!

So, let's see what we can make of this golden opportunity. Let us
welcome Sue Naegle in the best way we know how. Let's demonstrate
what a smart, considerate, and dedicated audience we "Carnivale" fans
are. Let's be the kind of fandom that any network would LOVE to have
supporting their shows!

And let's do what we can to breathe life, once more, into that
wonderful story that is "Carnivale"!

Best wishes and thanks for all your help!

-- Beth


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I don't know if anyone is still interested but... [Apr. 9th, 2007|01:49 pm]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

... I just posted some Carnivale fanfic on my journal.  It involves Justin and Iris and a character of my own making.  It is definitely NC17, TV MA with incest, violence, graphic sex and adult language.  

Carnivale fanfic here:  crow_n_key.

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yeah, so... slash? [Jan. 25th, 2007|10:25 pm]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

I see that this is not too active of a group, but I'm excited to find it anyway. I plan to go through and read various fics--het's fine with me--but I'm actually wondering if anyone has yet located/written any m/m Carnivale slash. Also, I'm thinking of writing some myself but really don't know where I'd post it to.

So, yeah.

If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it so much :-D.
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OMG new Carnivale fic [Jan. 11th, 2007|06:37 pm]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

I wrote a Carnivale slash fic for the Porn Battle in oxoniensis' journal to the prompt "Justin/Tommy, final". That's pairing: Brother Justin/Tommy Dolan, rating: NC-17, not really any explicit spoilers. Read it here.
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Fiction: The Interloper :: Completed [Oct. 27th, 2006|10:58 am]
Carnivale Fan Fiction

[Current Location |Lazily Drowning]
[mood |tout la meme]
[music |Muse :: Blackout]

So the Interloper is complete, and I'm ashamed to admit to the page count.  However because this little drabble became the beast that is now nesting in my harddrive, I felt the need to put it all together and make it available for download (along with some banners, icons, and other fanart).  Click on the banner below to download the fan-novel....

or you can view it online in its entirety and without any extra frills here: The Interloper

Virginia Dare

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